Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Media Tablet

My new media tablet came through today, and I'm glad to say it's a fairly decent one. Which is lucky seeming as I didnt know what to look for in a tablet:

It's an Aiptek 14000U, and the working surface is about A4 size. The problem is finding some space on my desk now to fit it on (I have alot of stupidly big hardware).

So yeah, I should be able to start uploading artwork on here quickly and efficiently soon enough, Ive just got back from Reading Festival recently so I am extremely hungover/sleep deprived. (I am also trying to get over meeting NOFX :D)

Also, and Indie game I found on the web METAGUN. Made by the same person that brought us minecraft, this game is both innovative in the way you play it and apparently it only took 48 hours to make for a competition. Heres a timelapsed video of it being created.

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